Selling Before Fall

It’s that time of year. Students and parents everywhere know that summer is winding down. Back to School ads are filling papers, online ads, your mailbox and the aisles of most department stores.

Just like summer winds down for students heading back to school, so too does the real estate climate. Late July, August and  September represent the last push of summer sales in the real estate world. There are still many buyers out shopping, many hoping to get their purchase wrapped up before school starts. If you’ve been considering selling your home, the next couple of months are still prime months. Maybe you’ve been using the long summer days to get your house ready to sell. If so, you’ve been using your time wisely. Tidying up your place, getting clutter cleared out and preparing to stage for the sale of your home is time well used. Now, it’s about using the market cycle to your advantage. 2nd and 3rd quarters of the year (April-September) are the strongest times of the year to sell your home. These months typically have the most buyers active in the market, the shortest time on the market for your home and have the greatest opportunity for buyers to compete for your home.

Things slow down in the fall and through the winter. Many homes that may have sold quickly over the summer may sit for a bit longer over the fall and winter.

If you’re considering selling your home let the back to school sales be a reminder that the home selling season is in full swing with only a couple of months to go. Don’t get stuck sitting on the market deep into the fall if you can get your house ready in the next month.

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